About Us

Husband and wife team, Stephen & Debbie Corney, started publishing community magazines in 2005. When our son was born, Debbie, looking for “something to do”, was pushing Hayden around in his pram and got talking to the local business owners in our village. The idea of a local directory that enabled residents to quickly and easily find local businesses, services and events appealed to many of them. In fact many of the businesses that appeared in the very first edition are still advertising in the directory today.

Martin Budden, who grew up around Wareham and Swanage, has fond memories of the area and is also keen to help local business, community groups and residents to keep in touch.

Together, our goal is to connect local businesses and tradespeople to local residents. We provide a monthly, high quality, full colour, glossy A5 directory which can be kept by the phone for when it is needed. This contains advertising from local businesses as well as informative and interesting articles for you to read. There is also news about local events and community groups, which you can help and support.

We have our own monthly travel news with “Nellie”, the Purbeck Publications campervan, giving you ideas of where to visit in the local area. There is a prize wordsearch in each edition where you can win a meal two at a local restaurant. This is very popular, so do have a go! We love making the call to the winner each month.

We hope that you enjoy reading the magazines and welcome any feedback, recommendations of good local businesses or contacts to local community groups.